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Thursday 4 June 2020

High Strangeness at the Toronto Reference Library

In late November 1999, myself and two friends were doing some research on UFOs and lake Ontario at the Toronto Reference Library. The library is located in the very heart of the city, and the building is mostly open concept, as you can see from the photo above, and about 5 stories tall. From any given floor you can easily see below to the others.

While we were there we were followed over the course of three different floors by an impeccably well dressed man. His clothing of note was all black. It was getting late so when we first noticed him following us we thought he may have been part of the security staff, and was either getting ready to hustle people out for closing, or may have thought we stealing something from the special collections. We also thought he may have been just a creep because he was always standing just one or two shelves away from where we were or just behind a pillar or corner. All three of us noted that there was something off or weird about him.

Had this happened today I would have definitely grabbed a photo of him with my phone, but back then phones were just phones so no pics. I searched the web for a similar looking guy to add to this post, and came up with this dude, who is similar. Please note this photo could very well be a hoax of an M.I.B, but it does look very much like the guy we encountered.

When he followed us to our final stop, which was the map floor my friends and I decided to confront him, and ask him why he was staring at us and following us. When he was approx. 6-10 ft away we whirled around, and started towards him, and at that moment we looked down and really saw his shoes for the first time. They were old, with huge holes in them, could have even been two different ones covered in fresh mud and grass or hay! 

The photo below is just to illustrate what they looked like. 

It was very weird! The rest of him was perfect, very clean, very well-dressed, and normal .... but those shoes?!!  Not only were those shoes in no way a match to the rest of his outfit, but it was a cold November, winter in the center of a major metropolitan city, and nowhere near where one would expect to see muddy hay or tall grass as were stuck to his shoes. 

As we advanced upon him he bolted down a set of stairs and vanished. We were at the stairs within 1-2 seconds, and he was gone, just like that, with nowhere to easily hide in an open concept building. It was like he just disappeared in the time of a few seconds! 

We were a bit shaken by the experience to say the least. We kept looking for him as the library was getting ready to close, but with no luck. When we were safely in the car my friends and I started nervously laughing, and joking, and wondering if he had been a ghost or even a man-in-black because we were researching old UFO cases, and mapping out where they had been reported around our Great Lakes.

Would be interested in hearing from others who had similar experiences. Leave a comment. 

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