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Friday 23 December 2022

Mother Moon Synchronicity


Home. In 2019 I moved to Bologna Italy from my birth home Toronto, Canada. One of the things I brought with me was this calendar featuring the art of Betty Albert a Cree artist that I am very much drawn to. I also brought some prints and a couple of magnets featuring her artwork. They inspire and  comfort, a reminder of my birth place. 

Fast forward to Summer 2022 and after three very long years I am finally able to return to Canada for a visit and be with family. I also made a couple of new friends along the way. 

One of those new friends is Lee. We bonded over lemon treats, tarot and magic things, and when I returned to Italy I was determined to stay in touch with her so I sent her a postcard expressing my happiness that we had a chance to meet and hoped our paths would cross again. 

Winter Solstice 2022. I dont know what inspired me, but last week I took out the 2019 calendar  pictured above with Betty Albert's artwork and decided I would frame one. It was something random, and maybe I had thought of it before, but this was the day I did it. 

Approximately one hour later the doorbell rings and the postal carrier hands me a package from Lee! 

Its always exciting to get an unexpected surprise in the mail, but when I opened it I was floored. Inside was a Betty Albert print very similar to the one I just had framed. You can see it on the left. Lee had written that she had bought it a year before and when going through some things she saw it again and decided to send it to me. She had no idea I loved this artist, nor knew I collected her artwork, and certainly could not know it would arrive the very day I fished out the old calendar from storage so I could frame a print. 

Thank you Lee and Betty Albert for this wonderful mother moon magic. I am not sure what it means, but it is a lovely reminder that no matter how far away I will always be connected to Home.  


Monday 12 December 2022

Crow Magic


In the heart of the Bolognese Mountains well hidden among very tall and old pine trees, is a seemingly abandoned mansion. The property is close to my home, but it was only in the past year that we discovered it by taking an alternative route through the winding mountain roads. And ever since I first laid eyes on the place I have been drawn to it, coming up with reasons to drive past even when it is the longer way to wherever.

This place has horror movie charm +++ yet I have always felt very peaceful there. Of course we’ve stopped by and had a look around safely from the outdoors as the place is in a state of heavy decay. Which is very sad considering it was built in the 1800s by one of the area’s most famous and eccentric characters. Count Cesare Mattei was an inventor who created a medical therapy: electrohomeopathy. This made the nobleman quite rich and he lived in a castle very close to where the abandoned mansion is located. The mansion was built as a place for medical and spiritual refugee and many of European super-rich sought private treatment there. It looks to have been abandoned for several years. 

Fast forward to Halloween 2022 and we are driving past the mansion. For some reason either because I was lost in thoughts or more likely chattering away about something I missed seeing the place as we had drove by. I realized this after we had passed and were higher up on the mountain, so my husband who was driving said there is no way you should miss your abandoned villa on Halloween and turned the car around. 

This time around I purposefully took a long look at the mansion when I saw above the main doorway a very large, and I mean an abnormally large crow standing on the ledge above the doorway. It was shuffling about and moving its wings as if ready to take flight. My mind went to she will swoop out in front of the car. It happened so quickly and as my mind was processing what I was seeing my husband said I thought I just saw a very large black bird moving around on the ledge above the doorway. And of course I was amazed that he saw her too! 

Some might think we saw the Goddess Morrigan or a cryptid or that we both had a bad case of pareidolia caused by the black casing of the floodlight near the door. We did go back two days later to investigate and noted the placement of the light. But if it was a trick of the eye why had this never happened before? 

Halloween is my husband’s birthday; the beginning of Samhain season, for some witches the ending and beginning of a new year. It is the season most associated with the Goddess Morrigan many a witch's patron diety. 

We were called to that place and even turned around specifically to witness the beautiful impossibly large black crow, a good omen, and reminder that our world is indeed a mysterious place. 

Blessed are the witches! 

"Wherever crows are, there is magic. They are symbols of creation and spiritual strength. They remind us to look for opportunities to create and manifest the magic of life. They are messengers calling to us about the creation and magic that is alive within our world everyday and available to us."  

~Ted Andrews

                                                               Blessed Samhain xo

Image Credits

With the exception of the photos of the mansion which are mine, excluding the drone image which I found uncredited on an internet search, the crow is from Wiki and the Witch image from TUMBLR. I do try to give credit to original creators whenever possible. 

Monday 20 June 2022

Do you believe in ghosts?

I believe in ghosts. I am not certain that all things considered ghostly are actually our dead, but I do know weird stuff happens. I have lived in a few haunted places. And I have had communication with my deceased loved ones in synchronicity and while dreaming. Sometimes the dream messages are very specific, and always very comforting. My last dream of this nature involved my Oma, and I was shown a very specific place, which I had never been to before and that I visited a few days later. In the dream she had been standing at the top of a brightly decorated staircase, which was identical to the entrance way of an ancient house that I was visiting the next day, and when I arrived there I recognized it immediately from the dream. I wrote it down in my journal for remembrance and because her appearing just there had a significance that I was able to recognize as magical.

Photo of my ancestor honouring table.

Sunday 16 January 2022

Swedish UFO flap and Nuclear Power Plants

Several nuclear power plants around Sweden were simultaneously visited by mysterious lights and objects this past Friday January 14th 2022 at approx 8:30pm resulting in numerous reports and even a police chase. 

Daniel Petersson and his family were driving southward on highway E6 when they first spotted a large light near the Ringhals nuclear power plant. At first the family thought a plane may have been in trouble and they began to film the large, bright light. The Petersson's video can be seen on local Swedish media here. A security guard also witnessed what he thought might be a large drone and quickly notified the authorities.

Still taken from the Petersson's video of the mystery light.

Google map of the location

A 2011 view of the Ringhals power plant. 

Ringhals is the largest nuclear power plant in Scandinavia, and has had two of its four reactors shutdown. Reactor 1 was permanently taken offline on December 31st 2021, two weeks before this incident.

The power plant has been in operation for 44 years, but has had a history of safety concerns promoting extra monitoring from the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority and protests from Greenpeace and local citizens.

Roughly at the same time as the Petersson sighting other mysterious lights began appearing at nuclear power plants around Sweden namely Forsmark, Oskarshamn and Barseb├Ąck, the last one being fully decommissioned. 

Police at Forsmark also witnessed the UAP and using helicopters and police drones attempted to intercept it for up to an hour, and to no avail!  "The first observation from the patrol was made at 20.51 and we lost contact with the drone 22.10," says Petra Blomqvist, press spokesperson for the police. "According to the police, there is still no indication that the drone has landed inside the area of the nuclear power plant or that any object has been released from it."

All incidents were investigated by police and public statements were made by each with some at first denying the possibility of drones being the cause particularly of the Ringhals and Barseb├Ąck events. The armed forces were also notified and so far no explanation has been provided other than the possibility of military drones by the Swedish Minister of Defence. 

These sightings of mystery lights and drones are similar to American ones from a couple of years ago that were never satisfactorily explained to the public either. 

In 1990 I witnessed a large red UFO hovering over a nuclear power plant in Pickering Canada, so these types of nuclear-related sightings are very much of interest to me. I have written about nuclear power plant and nuclear missile UFO sightings my own experience, and evolving ideas on why these locations are the scenes of UFO events.

While I do not think the psycho-social hypothesis is a perfect coverall explanation for all UFO sightings, including these types of events, I do think it would be foolish not to consider the wider social context in which these UAP appear.  

We do know that UFOs appear at times of great social upheaval. Consider the UFO waves in Europe and Russia during the late 80s and early 90s as the USSR collapsed, and the so-called Foo Fighters appearing during WWII to both military and civilian witnesses. I could give many more examples, but I would encourage those interested in examining UFOs from this angle to read Eric Ouellet's Illuminations: UFOs as a Parapsychological event

With this in mind it must be noted that these current incidents came one day after Sweden's military started patrolling the main town on the Baltic Sea island of Gotland amid increased tensions between NATO and Russia, and a recent deployment of Russian landing craft in the Baltic. Something that has been extremely troubling to many European citizens amid the ongoing stresses of living through the pandemic. 

It should also be noted these incidents coincide with Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg's 178th Friday School Strike. 

If these mysterious Swedish lights and drones are UAP what may these events be trying to tell us? Are they an outward cry for help from a population experiencing tension and prolonged anxiety from Russia, climate change,  and the Pandemic? 

This was in no way covert. These incidents all occurred at the same time and on the same day and were witnessed by many people including police who unsuccessfully chased at least one object.  

Why appear over several nuclear power plants simultaneously and including ones not operational if not to simply and absolutely get the attention of authorities?  

These reports are nearly identical to a wave of drone sightings in France occurring in 2014-15 that involved sensitive nuclear submarine sites, nuclear power plants, and government buildings. It should be noted that this period also had acts of terrorism in France, creating a lot of anxiety in France and Europe at the time.   See news items here and here

We will likely never know.  

As always I love to hear your thoughts. Please leave a comment if you have some ideas on these mystery lights and drones. 

Further reading and sources. 

News Items are in Swedish.

Update: An unknown "drone' (it seems drones are the new weather balloon) was also reported by several witnesses over the Swedish parliamentary buildings at the same time the UAP activity was occurring over the nuclear power plants. These events are very overt, whatever these things may be. 

Update January 29th: Two weeks later more than 200 reports of mysterious lights and drones over Swedish skies and police have ruled out any foreign involvement. In other words is not the Russians or the Chinese.