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Monday 20 June 2022

Do you believe in ghosts?

I believe in ghosts. I am not certain that all things considered ghostly are actually our dead, but I do know weird stuff happens. I have lived in a few haunted places. And I have had communication with my deceased loved ones in synchronicity and while dreaming. Sometimes the dream messages are very specific, and always very comforting. My last dream of this nature involved my Oma, and I was shown a very specific place, which I had never been to before and that I visited a few days later. In the dream she had been standing at the top of a brightly decorated staircase, which was identical to the entrance way of an ancient house that I was visiting the next day, and when I arrived there I recognized it immediately from the dream. I wrote it down in my journal for remembrance and because her appearing just there had a significance that I was able to recognize as magical.

Photo of my ancestor honouring table.

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