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Friday 23 December 2022

Mother Moon Synchronicity


Home. In 2019 I moved to Bologna Italy from my birth home Toronto, Canada. One of the things I brought with me was this calendar featuring the art of Betty Albert a Cree artist that I am very much drawn to. I also brought some prints and a couple of magnets featuring her artwork. They inspire and  comfort, a reminder of my birth place. 

Fast forward to Summer 2022 and after three very long years I am finally able to return to Canada for a visit and be with family. I also made a couple of new friends along the way. 

One of those new friends is Lee. We bonded over lemon treats, tarot and magic things, and when I returned to Italy I was determined to stay in touch with her so I sent her a postcard expressing my happiness that we had a chance to meet and hoped our paths would cross again. 

Winter Solstice 2022. I dont know what inspired me, but last week I took out the 2019 calendar  pictured above with Betty Albert's artwork and decided I would frame one. It was something random, and maybe I had thought of it before, but this was the day I did it. 

Approximately one hour later the doorbell rings and the postal carrier hands me a package from Lee! 

Its always exciting to get an unexpected surprise in the mail, but when I opened it I was floored. Inside was a Betty Albert print very similar to the one I just had framed. You can see it on the left. Lee had written that she had bought it a year before and when going through some things she saw it again and decided to send it to me. She had no idea I loved this artist, nor knew I collected her artwork, and certainly could not know it would arrive the very day I fished out the old calendar from storage so I could frame a print. 

Thank you Lee and Betty Albert for this wonderful mother moon magic. I am not sure what it means, but it is a lovely reminder that no matter how far away I will always be connected to Home.  


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